Welded jack

产品栏目:Spiral jack


Our welded jack has the following parameters: Load capacity range: from 2 tons to 100 tons. Stroke length: customized according to customer requirements, up to over one meter. Material: made of high-strength steel to ensure weight-bearing, durability, and safety meet requirements. Screw diameter: ranging from 16 millimeters to 120 millimeters, can be customized as per customer requirement. Transmission mode: manual or equipped with a motor. Base size: adjustable based on product model to fit differe.

Our welding jack is a high-strength and durable mechanical jack. It is made of high-hardness metal steel, precision machined, and welded to withstand heavy loads of 2-100 tons. It is equipped with adjustable lifting height and a sturdy base and can be adapted to different application plant scenarios. And in the operation process to get security, with easy to operate handle and a safety locking device. Whether you are repairing a car or installing heavy machinery and equipment and other operations requiring lifting equipment, our welding jacks are your best choice.