How to Choose the Best Jack for Your Car or Truck

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Many people think that jacks for vehicles are universal, but that's not the case. Different vehicles have different weight capacities, so how do we choose the right jack that suits everyone's needs? Let's leave this question to our expert in floor jacks, Professor David. Professor David is a mechanical engineering professor at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. Let him provide the answer.

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What should we consider when choosing a floor jack?

Choosing a floor jack should consider the material and the appropriate capacity, as these are both very important factors.

Choose one made of suitable materials

It is best to use a jack made of a combination of materials, with steel and aluminum fused together, combining the advantages of both steel and aluminum.

Steel is very durable but heavy, and its price is low.

Aluminum is lightweight but less durable than steel, and its price is higher.

Therefore, it is recommended to use a combination of materials.

Choose the appropriate capacity

First, you need to determine the weight of the vehicle, both front and rear. Make sure the capacity is higher than the weight of the car, but don't choose too much capacity, otherwise, the jack will operate very slowly. The weight of a sedan is around 2000 to 2500 kilograms, so choosing a capacity of around two tons is sufficient. If it is for a repair shop, it is recommended to use a capacity of 3 tons or more to cover all needs.


Choose a jack with the right clearance

Different vehicles have different clearances. For those who like to drive cars with lower chassis and equipped with exquisite side skirts, it is appropriate to choose a jack with a low clearance. A floor jack with a clearance of 2-3 inches is sufficient, even though most vehicles have a ground clearance of at least 5 inches. This will ensure that all cars can be accommodated.


Which type of jack should you choose?

When choosing a jack for cars, trucks, scissors, floor jacks, screw jacks, bottle jacks, and farm jacks, multiple factors need to be considered, including usage, weight capacity, stability, and ease of use. Here are the advantages of each type of jack:


Car jacks: Designed specifically for cars, they are usually compact and easy to carry and store. The advantage lies in their portability and suitability for common car maintenance tasks such as emergency tire changes.

Truck jacks: They have a stronger weight capacity and are suitable for heavy-duty vehicles. The advantage lies in their strong weight capacity and stability, capable of meeting the maintenance needs of large vehicles.

Scissor jacks: Compact in structure and lightweight, easy to carry and operate. The advantage lies in their portability and ease of use, especially suitable for household and light vehicle maintenance.

Floor jacks: They have high stability and weight capacity, usually used for heavy equipment and vehicle maintenance. The advantage lies in their stability and weight capacity, suitable for repair tasks that require higher support.

Screw jacks: They lift heavy objects through a screw mechanism, with good stability and suitable for occasions that require precise adjustment. The advantage lies in their stability and precision.

Bottle jacks: They use hydraulic principles to lift and lower quickly and effortlessly, with good stability. The advantage lies in their fast lifting speed and ease of use, suitable for rapid maintenance of large equipment and vehicles.

Farm jacks: They usually have high weight capacity and adaptability to meet the maintenance needs of various equipment in agricultural production. The advantage lies in their weight capacity and adaptability to the agricultural environment.



When making a choice, first clarify the requirements, such as the type of vehicle to be repaired and the expected weight capacity. Secondly, consider factors such as ease of operation, stability, and portability. Finally, ensure that the selected jack has the appropriate weight capacity and stability to ensure safe use.

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