How to Use a Vehicle Lifter to Lift an Extrusion Weld on a Car?

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During automotive repair and maintenance, it is very important to properly use a vehicle lifter (jack) to lift your car to a safe height. Pinch welds are specific locations on the underside of a vehicle that are designed to support the lifting of the vehicle. Below is an overview of how to properly use a pinch weld to lift a vehicle to ensure safe and effective vehicle maintenance.


What are the characteristics of an extrusion weld?

Extrusion welds are weak areas on the bottom cross member of a vehicle, usually located on either side of the vehicle. These areas are usually designed to be strong and suitable for vehicle lifting. Lifting a vehicle using extrusion welds prevents damage to the body structure and chassis components, ensuring safe and reliable repair operations.

5 steps to lift a car


1. Locate the extrusion weld: On both sides of the vehicle's underside, look for areas with visible depressions and thin metal, these are the locations of the extrusion weld. Make sure to clean these areas so that the jack can be safely placed.

2. Position the jack: Place the jack vertically near the extrusion weld, making sure the jack is touching the surface of the weld and is secure.

3. ADJUSTING THE JACK: Using the jack handle or lever, slowly raise the vehicle until the tires are off the ground. Ensure that the jack is stable and correctly positioned before raising.

4. STABLE SUPPORT: Once the vehicle has been raised to a safe height, support the vehicle with a brace or jack to ensure a safe operating space. 

5. Perform Maintenance Work: Once the vehicle is securely supported, any required repair or maintenance work can be performed. After completing the work, slowly lower the vehicle, remove the jack and make sure no tools or objects are left under the vehicle.

Safety tips

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- When operating the jack, make sure the ground is level and firm and avoid unstable or sloping ground.

- When raising or lowering the vehicle, make sure personnel are clear of the underside of the vehicle and avoid entrapment of body parts.

- Regularly check and maintain the jack's operating mechanism to ensure proper functioning and safe use.


By properly using an extrusion weld jack to lift a vehicle, you can perform vehicle maintenance and servicing tasks safely and efficiently. Following proper procedures and safety precautions to ensure safety and effectiveness during operation is essential to protect the vehicle and safeguard the operator.

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