How Big Of A Floor Jack Do I Need?

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Vehicle Weight and Jack Load Capacity

The first consideration is your vehicle's weight. If your car weighs five tons, then you would need a jack with a stronger load caEveryone hopes to only need to use a jack in case of emergency, but choosing the right floor jack for your vehicle is crucial. Below, we will discuss how to select a floor jack with appropriate size and safety.

Aliuminum Jack LT-Al830000

pacity, such as a 6-ton jack which may be more suitable. A jack with a higher load capacity will make lifting the vehicle easier. Therefore, many people prefer to purchase jacks with greater load capacities.


Floor Jack Sizes and Materials

- 1.5 Tons: 20 to 22 inches x 10 to 12 inches

- 2 Tons, 3 Tons: 27 inches x 15 inches

- 4 Tons: 30 inches x 15 inches

- 5 Tons: 25 inches x 7 inches (14 inches high)

When selecting a floor jack, you also need to consider the material of the jack. There are primarily aluminum, steel, and hybrid material jacks on the market. Aluminum jacks are lightweight and portable, steel jacks are more durable, while hybrid jacks combine the lightweight features of aluminum with the durability of steel, depending on your specific needs.


Aluminum jacks are generally durable, but durability comes at a price. They are the lightest floor jacks available, suitable for occasional emergency use. For long-term use, they may not be the best choice.



Steel jacks are highly durable and can be used for a long time, but they are heavy. If you need to move them from one place to another, it requires more effort. They are commonly seen in auto repair shops.


Hybrid jacks are made of various materials, utilizing steel for high-stress areas and aluminum for non-critical components. They achieve a harmonious balance between weight and durability.

Determining Vehicle Weight

Determining the weight of your vehicle is key to selecting the appropriate jack. Generally, the weight of a small car ranges from 1 to 2.5 tons, while trucks may weigh over 5 tons. It is crucial to choose a jack based on your vehicle's model and actual weight.



Choosing the right floor jack is essential for vehicle maintenance and emergency repairs. Considering factors such as vehicle weight, jack size, and material, ensure you have a safe and reliable jack that can provide support when needed. We hope this information helps you select the most suitable floor jack for your vehicle.

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